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Vision and Strategy Alignment


Vision and strategic alignment are key for teams who are developing new goals and initiatives or implementing a new company strategy. The goal of this framework is to assist teams in transforming vision into action, using a variety of creative exercises and encouraging candid, honest conversations.

The Vision + Strategy process assists intact management teams to focus on critical priorities and plan how best to leverage resources. This program connects the dots between an individual’s role and responsibilities, how his or her efforts support the team, and how the team aligns with the company’s strategy. Companies achieve alignment by ensuring that individuals and teams are working with shared vision, strategic priorities and goals.

We created Vision + Strategy as a team planning process to guide clients through the three crucial phases of successful strategy implementation: 1) creative tension, contrasting future state and current reality, 2) allying purpose and role with alignment actions, and 3) utilizing a shared language for strategic planning. Teams are empowered to see how their actions align with and make a difference for the company strategy. Teams invent new ways to collaborate with each other and with their stakeholders.

  • Managers are empowered to implement company-wide initiatives.
  • Teams collaborate on fresh ways to coordinate work. 
  • Initiatives are defined for higher leverage and greater impact. 
  • Goal setting is ambitious, public, and focused on achieving the big bets.
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