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Tuckman Team Kit

Catalyst assists teams and their leaders in creating highly productive work environments. Our goal is to help teams build their capacity to move from Forming to highly Performing in efficient and productive ways. The Tuckman Team Kit gives teams the capability to manage their own development, using tools and processes proven to create high performing teams.

With the Tuckman Team Kit, based on the work of Bruce Tuckman, teams recognize their stage of development and choose processes to get them to the next stage. Each of the four stages of team development presents its own set of challenges and questions. For example, a team facing challenges in the Storming stage must deal with their competence for conflict. If they have Formed well, they can use their trust and focus on purpose and goals to leverage the conflict.

The Tuckman Team Kit consists of the Team Survey, the Team Leader’s Guide, and Tuckman Trifold and Desk Reference. The Team Survey is a simple–but not too simple–feedback tool to pinpoint team strengths and challenges in the context of the four stages, plus virtual communication. The online 28-item survey includes both quantitative and qualitative feedback, enabling teams to accurately assess their strengths and to build on them. The Team Leader’s Guide is a set of processes organized by the Tuckman stages. Teams can easily reference an improvement area and processes to match their needs.

Tuckman Team Kit includes: 

  • Tuckman Team Survey: a web-based, self-administered survey that gives feedback on 28 items organized in 5 categories: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Virtual Communication. The team report organizes quantifiable data and comments to provide a snapshot of their team development.

  • Tuckman Leader’s Guide: 35 step-by-step development processes and best practices to move toward high Performing, organized by the Tuckman stages of development. The Guide can be used by a facilitator, a leader, or the team. (coil-bound)

  • Tuckman Model Trifold: a sturdy three-page foldout guide describes and charts characteristics of each stage of team development, along with critical behaviors and tasks enabling movement from one stage to the next.
    (8.5″ x 11″ folds out to 24.5″ x 11″)

  • Tuckman Desk Reference: a handy reference card to reinforce team learning. (laminated, 8.5″ x 5.5)

Download: The Tuckman Detector

Price: $1200 per kit

OR CALL (831) 479-0222

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