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Consulting Overview

Successful companies adapt when facing a range of challenges, from repositioning their products, to scaling for rapid growth, to integrating new systems and structures. Catalyst consulting facilitates the ease and efficacy of decision making and implementing change. We work with management teams to help clarify strategic vision, design company-wide initiatives, and identify cultural and leadership competencies. Our framework guides teams through a series of inquiries that reveal the company's core aspirations, where and how they plan to win, and how they must change.

  • Assessment: We use assessment tools and interviews with teams and stakeholders to identify key alignment issues around vision, values, processes and leadership. Consultants help clients identify underlying issues and assist in creating practical, actionable roadmaps to address them.
  • Opportunities and Choices: Based on the assessment, we work with the client to target opportunities and to make choices that address challenges and focus on organizational initiatives. We help to identify key improvement areas that yield the greatest impact. With our assistance, teams confront significant changes and develop the leadership capabilities necessary to implement their strategies.
  • Designed Consultations: Considering each team's unique situation, we co-create practical and tailored solutions to address their needs. We design and provide workshops, hands-on problem solving, team building, and experiential simulations that ensure the team makes the emotional commitment to create measurable progress.  

Our consultants design and facilitate:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Making Strategic Choices
  • Implementing Change
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Teambuilding
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