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At the heart of the Catalyst approach is coaching.

While executives often demonstrate great strengths in understanding the business and technological issues, they frequently falter in understanding the technology of human interaction. Simply put, leaders develop when they improve their ability to inspire, clarify, appreciate, understand, and facilitate. Coaching is at the heart of the Catalyst approach. Leaders often find it difficult to get helpful feedback on their unproductive habits. Our coaching services encourage candid dialogue with the goal of transferring practical skills, so executives are better able to lead today‚Äôs complex challenges. 

We have more than 25 years of experience in coaching, and appreciate both its business and interpersonal aspects. It is our mandate to create a trusting and mutually respectful relationship that enables the leader to practice and learn.

Our coaching engagements assist executives to hold productive conversations that promote openness and frank interaction. We use 360-degree feedback, onsite observation, and one-on-one sessions to facilitate insight. During coaching sessions, the leader explores their growth edge and designs future actions to help them reach their full potential. Leaders receive ongoing support in applying new skills to real-work situations.

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