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BigPicture? Organizational Simulation

BigPicture? is an outstanding solution for creating an interactive learning environment in meetings or training programs. The simulation effectively addresses collaborating across teams and silos, leading by vision, and flexibility in the face of changing customer expectations.

Scenes from a BigPicture? Session:


In just a few hours, BigPicture? engages a group to meet customer requirements in designing, painting, coloring and assembling a collaborative mural, by enlarging small portions of a picture to create a wall-sized picture. Participants’ work roles are turned upside down as they are organized into groups representing work teams, management teams, and customers. Work teams are concerned with issues of interdependencies regarding color, texture, scale, customer needs, cost, and time to market. Managers drive their teams to meet milestones, ship dates and budgets, and to take ownership of the final product. Everyone has what they need to succeed, as long as they focus on the critical objectives and processes that create the BIG picture.

Despite detailed instructions, participants often don’t immediately see what is necessary for success. When teams are redirected to focus on the important needs to accomplish the vision, frustration becomes coordinated action and productivity takes a quantum leap. Participants end the simulation energized and ready to apply these insights in their own work practices.

For further information, read more about Experiential Learning.

BigPicture? kits are offered in two sizes.

  • 9 Kit for group sizes 20-30: $2250
  • 12 Kit for group sizes 30-45: $2500

For larger groups, we can assist you to run simultaneous simulations.

Complete with all materials and a fully scripted Facilitator Guide, the simulation is designed to be led by HR professionals or consultants. Also, Catalyst consultants are available to facilitate objective learning for your organization.

Two weeks' advance order is requested. 
Orders ship in 5-7 business days.

BigPicture? Specifications

  • Group Size: 20-45 for single kit, order in multiples for larger groups
  • Program Length: 3.5-4 hours, including debrief
  • Location: large indoor meeting room
  • Facilitator Guide: 56 pages
  • Packing: 1 box, 26-28 pounds

or call (831) 479-0222

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